Who’s coming out for this tonight? #judge #straightedge #newyorkcrew #stayoffthetracks

Found these in a tiny record store on a small country town in Shropshire, both bootlegs but a pretty cool find all the same.

At long last my Pentax has a lens! Can’t wait to get out and shoot with it

Brighton with the girl yesterday

More #vegan peanut butter banana loaf awwww yeah

One from earlier. Brighton bound, rocking my new @sineateruk tshirt #latergram

Ripoff integrity backpack, now I’ve seen it all

#vegan döner kebab on the beach, doesn’t get much better than that.

Spent another amazing weekend with this lovely lady. The only person that could look better in my bonsoy shirt than me.

@ruwi20 Spoiling me with #vegan #sugarfee cookies! Definitely a keeper hahahaha